Seki Ultimate Project[ Reserve in advance. ]

You will make an ornament using their cutter. The ornament may be shaped in your favorite animal, vehicle, building, food...whatver shape you like.
Visit our factory with your original helmet.
Our workshop will be held by Kamo Laboratory at Nagoya Institute of Technology: Department of Socio-engineering, Construction & Design Field.
After finish making a product, take it home with you!

Date and Time: Thursday, the 25th, 10:00~12:00 / Flyday, the 26th, 10:00~12:00
Location: Information venue
Fee: \300 per person
Capacity: 20 persons a day
Note: At elementary school students or older ※Because participants need to use a knife, those who are 10 years or younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


This competition and ballot for "the gift of gratitude for giving hometown tax" are open to students.

The best combination of highery recommended products made in the participating companies will be "the gift of gratitude for giving hometown tax".

This competition and ballot are closing on in early August that targeted on students from junior high school students to university students.

※Vote at the Information venue!
※Choose a submitted proposal for the graditude gift so that more people would like to give hometown tax to Seki city.


Vote for a craftsman hero working at a factory!

When visiting a factory, find a star candidate and get a card!
With your votes, you may exchange 3 or 6 cards with a special gift. For four days of the Factory Visiting Day, visit more and collect more cards to get a gift.
A selected craftsman hero would be named "STAR!" of the Order by the mayor of Seki city.
Date and time: The gift exchange will be at Information venue.
Location: V
Vote for a hero and exchange gift with cards collected at the Information venue.
Note: Exchange one gift per person.


Get the cold shaved ice for free!

On the midsummer visiting day
have some cold shaved ice for free when you return from the factory where it might be too warm.

Date and time: Available any time during the event.
Location: Information venue
Fee: Free of charge
Note: Limit one time per person
*There is a limit to the number of shaved ice. This service will be discontinued when the shaved ice is no longer available.


The industry-academia collaboration project carried out in the purpose of building community with IAMAS (Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences, International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences)

Share the results of our research
The "motif work" was held with consistent commitment to fusion of leading science and artistic creativity. We will present the results of the project: "motif work" which carried out during May 13 to 20 by participating members of IAMAS and the Visiting Factory Day in Seki. In communicating with various people, the research investigators will propose new service utilizing current assets of factory, people, technology, tradition, and image in Seki. The proposal contents describe the better future manufacturing style in relation to local industry, politics, society, and culture.


We pick you up by a barrier-free taxi.
[ Advance reservation is needed ]

During the factory visiting days, we provide a free transfer to people with disability and a caregiver from home to Information venue.

Date and Time: Any time at during the event.
This service offers to: The physical disability certificate holder; the persons who require nursing care and currently enrolling the nursing insurance and yet persons with difficulties in transferring.
The pick-up area from and to: Within Seki city (The free pick-up service for people living in the old towns and villages is negotiable. It is according to availability)
The acceptance period: Beginning on Tuesday, August 1th until two days before the pick-up day.
The acceptance time: 9:00 to 16:00 (except Sunday)
How to apply: Telephone reservation (Reservations will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis and will be closed when the maximum enrollment is reached.) )

Apply to:
Meeting reception desk
The free barrier-free taxi service on Seki factory visiting day
Rakua Day Services, in the Seki Higashi
TEL 0575-21-3233
Sponsored in various events/Rakua Day Services, Frontique, Co. Ltd.


Learn the techniques from professional craftsman and have incredible experience with them.

Get a limited ticket that let you to try product-making while learning the techniques from professional craftsman. You may get the ticket from the crowdfunding site.
You may also get other great gifts including an original T-shirt and an assortment set of masterpiece containing local products from factories.

The crowdfunding site is on going from June 17th thru July 30th. Reservations will be closed when the maximum enrollment is reached.
URL : https://faavo.jp/minonokuni/project/1263


□Please be sure to follow the instructions of staff in the factory.
□Please do not touch the equipment and products in the factory.
□Dress code for factory tours
 Please wear clothes and shoes that you don't uneasy.
 Avoid sandals, high heels, and thick-soled shoes due to a risk of falling.
 Do not wear a loose outfit in the factory to avoid the risk of getting trapped in machines.
 Do not expose the skin in case of performing a hot work or to be near such as heat treatment.
□You may take photograph or record upon approval by the staff at each factor.
□Do not use flash to take pictures so as not to disturb their normal business operations.
□Elementary school students must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
□Person who are under the influence of alcohol is prohibited to participate any event.
□Park your car at the designated parking place.
□Drink plenty of fluids and prepare for battle with the heat in the factory.