The knowledge of manufacturing creates energy to strengthen our communities

With worksite experience, craftsman engaged in manufacturing and participants will bring satisfaction and pride to them. The circle of both sides may contribute to increase the number of users of Seki products. The Factory Visiting Day in Seki is cerebrating its 3nd year.
Besides visiting factory and participating workshop, our crowdfunding projects and the cooperation of universities allow us to connect global audiences while gaining new relationship and personal insights. We are hoping that the Factory Visiting Day in Seki develops people's interest and curiosity and increases those who are involved in manufacturing. Thus, it eventually results in developing industries, promoting employment, and training future craftsman. We are in the hope of revitalizing Seki industry as realizing their brand value.
To sustain vibrant regional economy is important for citizens in Seki to live a healthier, happier life.
A lack of successors is one of the issues we have, however, I wish that more persons would desire to work in Seki city. This event may become one of the contributors.

Kenji Ozaki Mayor of Seki City "From just watching to joining the event"

「 The Factory Visiting Day in Seki originally started for people to simply visit the factory. This year, we aim for new challenges moving into the future. 」

How could we shift the craftsman's pride in their work to our continuous community's value?
Our challenges such as the relationship with IAMAS in Ogaki, to hold workshops for kids sponsored by a laboratory at Nagoya Institute of Technology, and to conduct seminars in the purpose of building community, may bring our manufacturers different viewpoint from their normal daily lives. Their insights reflect both future plans for "the Factory Visiting Day in Seki" and future improvement of the participating companies'. Therefore, your opinions are always valuable.
From just watching to joining the event.
We extend our warmest welcome to your participation in the Factory Visiting Day in Seki。

Kazuaki Murasawa, Visiting Factory in Seki producer

What is "producing"?

"Tsukuru (making)", " Tsukuru (manufacturing)", and " Tsukuru (establishing)"...
In Japanese these three words are pronounced the same but have different meanings, however, a constant goal of the maker is simple: "making good products".
The Factory Visiting Day in Seki is cerebrating its 3nd year this summer.
To beat, sharpen, polish, extract, consolidate, burn, bend, and print, etc., and then think.
Engaging in various tasks allow you to enjoy its entertainment show.
Feel the essence of manufacturing created by craftsman's wisdom, knowledge, and spirit.

Yuji Ogawa The organizing committee