The knowledge of manufacturing creates energy to promote the town development where people want to live and work

“The Factory Visiting Day in Seki” is the event when many factories in Seki will open their doors to the public, and visitors can take a factory tour and participate in a workshop.

A lack of successors is one of the issues we have, however, I wish that more people would have an interest in manufacturing and would desire to work in Seki. Not only the city government but also companies and citizens’ groups work together to support this event.

The knowledge of manufacturing creates energy to strengthen our communities, and this 4th year too, the event will provide new activities.  Fun workshops that each company elaborates will raise everyone’s interest from children to adults.  And above all, craftsman’s serious attitude towards their work will leave a strong impression.

We are in the hope of revitalizing the economy and developing the town where people would want to live and work.  Our goal is to discover attractive points in Seki’s industries and building pride in our region. Thus, it will eventually result in bringing a comfortable life to its citizens.

Kenji Ozaki Mayor of Seki City

To develop the city where people become wealthy and live a wealthy life

Products are not the only articles that are produced in factories. The mechanisms are created and they build human resources.

The mechanism should promote the town where through hard work people can become wealthy and live a wealthy life.  Please come to the factories and feel the craftsmen’s spirit and passion midsummer.

Kazuaki Murasawa, Visiting Factory in Seki producer

The Special Visiting Day when you can see children’s seriousness and smiles

Seki city is a manufacturing town and has the highest share of value of fine knives shipments. Many craftsmen work hard everyday.  If you buy products in a store as supposed Internet, you truly see the intrinsic value that you cannot get by buying on line.

Please come to Seki and visit its factories that it is usually not allowed.  You may be able to touch products that are being made, listen to the craftsmen, and feel the atmosphere. “The Factory Visiting Day in Seki” is different but a wonderful visiting day that allows you to see children’s seriousness and smiles, which you cannot find from test scores.

Saishi Yoshida, Visiting Factory in Seki executive chairman